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Pallet Racking

Roll Form Racks
• Drive In/Drive Thru (All connections bolted)
• Keystone Selective
• Teardrop Selective
• Push-Back
• Pallet Flow

• Quality – Always in compliance with RMI, AISI, and    AISC specifications.
• Durability – Manufactured from American-made
   top- grade high-strength cold-rolled steel.

• Premium Powder Coat Finish – Our powder- coat    system is the industry’s most durable high gloss finish.
• Flexible Adjustments – Step beams easily adjust in    three-inch increments (Keystone) or two-inch    increments (Tear Drop) along the upright.
• Integral Safety Clips – Beams lock into place    preventing uplifting and dislodging when a load is retrieved.
• Easy Installation – Pallet Racks assemble quickly    and tightly with boltless beam connections, look great,    and most important perform as promised.

Pallet Racks
Pallet Racks

Structural Racks
This line consists of the following products to fit our client's needs:

Structural Selective Racks
Can withstand fork lift abuse and are the least likely to be deformed by impact. Unlike standard roll-formed uprights, these uprights are constructed from c-channel which is thicker and stronger, especially at the corners.

Structural Push-Back Racks
Push-Back Storage System saves up to 2/3 space by storing up to 6 pallets deep with access to every level. Can be custom engineered to meet your needs or add to your existing system and is suitable for coolers and freezers.

Structural Drive In/Drive Thru Racks
Structural Drive-In Racks are built tough to withstand constant loading and unloading of product. Saves 80% storage space by allowing the driver to drive right through to the other side. Slope or Recessed Leg minimizes fork lift abuse.

Structural Pallet Flow Racks
Structural Pallet Flow (pictured at left) racking systems provide high density pallet storage and first-in, first-out retrieval. Pallet Flow is excellent for manufacturing facilities where the number of pallets per product is high, and provides the advantage of automatic stock rotation.

Cantilever Racks
Cantilever Rack System is engineered to handle the heavy loads of the steel industry.
It is easy to install, economical, and provides a solid return on your investment.

  •  Columns are manufactured from American-made high strength steel and are tapered
      to compensate for column deflection.
  •  Columns are pre-punched on both sides for conversion from single to double
      sided units.
  •  Arms are tapered to compensate for deflection.
  •  Steel Base is welded to the Column providing a solid stable foundation saving time
      and money during installation
Cantilever Rack


• Columns are manufactured from   American-made high strength steel
  and are tapered to compensate for   column deflection.

• Columns are pre-punched on both sides   for conversion from single to double   sided units.
• Arms are tapered to compensate
  for deflection.
• Steel Base is welded to the Column   providing a solid stable foundation saving   time and money during installation

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